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Unlike our competitors, every Tungsten Pride tungsten ring is hand-crafted especially for you. As every ring should be a unique symbol of love, we offer custom tungsten ring design and personalized engraving. Tungsten Pride is the only tungsten carbide ring manufacturer that can make such an offer. Learn More or view video

Why Tungsten Carbide Rings?

Among metals, Tungsten (WC) is considered the heaviest; having both the highest melting point and a hardness closest to that of a diamond. These properties make for an exquisite and uniquely wear-resistant ring that spouses will not have to leave at home for fear of damage. Find your tungsten ring by browsing the tungsten ring gallery.

Ring Cracker by Tungsten Pride!

Removes tungsten finger rings instantly. Used by jewelers, hospitals, and first responders. Please email or call for more information. Here is a link to a video for your

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