Tungsten Pride's Technology

Our Founder, Tim Brosius, has been leading the way with tungsten carbide products in the aerospace, medical, automotive and military defense industries for years.

After extensive research and development, father and sons perfected a unique process that would soon explode into the jewelry industry. Finally, a super scratch-resistant, easy-care, permanently-polished wedding band made of tungsten carbide became available.


Our process, which is a trade secret to this day, is done without the pollutants or sludge left behind by traditional grinding practices. We are totally green, which is healthy for our environment and skilled working staff.

Our customers also reap the benefit of only one ring being made at a time. No machine mass production, but a diligent process involving many operations under the control of one artisan. This technology gives you a vast number of choices to customize your ring; size, width, finishes, coatings, grooves, etc.

Worried about the cracking, "shattering" or breaking of your tungsten carbide ring?

No need for that, as our superior technology provides a stress-relief factor that eliminates many of those concerns. This allows us to make you the toughest, most structurally sound tungsten carbide ring in the world. Read more myths and facts about tungsten rings.

If you can communicate it, and it's possible, we are excited to make your masterpiece. You won't be disappointed. This trade-secret technology is used only at Tungsten Pride.

What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder