Sizing Your Tungsten Ring

Due to the nature of tungsten carbide, we are unable to make an existing ring smaller. You must be absolutely certain about the size you are requesting. We do offer to increase the size of your existing ring, free of charge, up to one full size (there is a S/H fee of $25.00). If your ring has existing engraving, we will also re-engrave at no additional charge. This applies to standard engraving only.

Tungsten Pride is not responsible for incorrect sizing.

Our greatest desire is for your ring to fit perfectly and be that intended special token of your love and devotion. Nothing can be more disheartening than a beautiful ring that doesn't fit and a wedding date that is fast approaching.

Please be sized at two different qualified jewelers using these guidelines:

Always have the jeweler use a wide-band sizer (6mm or wider).

Check to see what type of inner diameter the sizer has; i.e., pipe cut, standard comfort fit, or convex comfort fit.

Pipe cut: When looking through the ring sizer, it is straight through and through, like looking through a piece of pipe.

Standard comfort fit: The same through and through cut with small angles on each outside edge.

Convex comfort fit: In the very center of the inner diameter it is raised up slightly creating a dome formation.

You can be sized on any type of inner diameter as long as it is a wide-band sizer.

Please note which one of the inner diameter types you were sized on so that you can adjust your size correctly for a convex comfort fit band.

If the sizer had a "pipe" or "standard comfort fit" inner diameter, deduct .25 of a size from the pipe cut sizing. If it had a "convex comfort fit', that will be your perfect size.

Most jewelers only have sizers with full size and half size measurements. Remember that we can do .25 sizes or any increment you may need. Please don't hesitate to contact a Tungsten Pride representative if you need help determining your perfect size. M-F 9am-5pm central 315-519-2229.

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