What is "Black Tungsten" ?

 Go Bold with Tungsten Pride's "Black Ice" diamond infused tungsten rings to create a dramatic effect that won't go unnoticed.

 The term black tungsten originated after Tungsten Pride researched and developed a black coating suitable for a tungsten ring, they call this finish "Black Ice". Unable to duplicate Tungsten Pride's process, oversea manufactures started coating their rings with an inferior, cheap, and quick coating process.  Tungsten Pride's "Black Ice" coating process only makes determined surfaces black and is a permanent infusion.  The competition had to coat both inner and outer diameters to make it cost effective enough to mass produce, after years of failure with adhesion, chipping, and wearing problems they went to an even more unstable state and started inlaying black ceramic into the rings to achieve the black look that is desired by the consumer.  In doing so they sacrificed the integrity and strength of the tungsten ring in which they are known for.

Tungsten Pride has further developed a "Black Stone" coating that is even more durable.  Once again, Tungsten Pride has led the industry in making a black tungsten ring available to their customers.  Tungsten rings are silver/chrome in a polished state and NOT black at all.  The use of the term "black tungsten" just means a coating has been applied and not that a different form of tungsten has been used.

If you are interested in owning a black tungsten ring, your quality choice would be from Tungsten Pride's black ice collection.  The only USA manufacture of a black tungsten ring.  Tungsten Pride has kept their trade secrets quiet for many years and a lot of research and development has gone into creating this very unique and durable black tungsten ring.  They are the innovators and originators of any ring considered black tungsten. 

What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder