Setting the Record Straight About Tungsten Rings

There are many misconceptions and falsehoods about tungsten rings. Learn the truth about these durable, beautiful bands.

As makers of tungsten rings, we hear a lot of misconceptions about these rings every day. The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of falsehoods about tungsten carbide rings. Since they're newer to the market, many people are unfamiliar with tungsten carbide.

Many jewelers would like to dissuade you from considering a tungsten carbide ring, because they are not educated on them (or just don't sell them!). Here are a few of the myths we hear regularly and the truths about tungsten carbide rings that make them an excellent option as you shop for a ring!


Tungsten carbide rings cannot be removed in the event of an accident, and may cause your finger to be amputated.


Actually, if you're in an accident, a tungsten carbide ring is one of the safest rings to have on your hand! Because tungsten carbide rings are so dense, it is nearly impossible for them to deform or injure your finger in an accident. Wearing a tungsten carbide ring may even protect you. Rings made of silver, gold or even platinum may deform, becoming harder to get off or embedding in flesh. Hospitals have a number of ways to remove a tungsten carbide ring (depending on the accident) – none of which require amputation. Here's a video of a device American Concepts & Technologies manufactured and will soon be readily available.

The durability and near-indestructability of tungsten carbide bands is why we say that if Superman were getting married, he'd want a Tungsten Pride wedding band.


Tungsten carbide rings should not contain nickel.


In truth, tungsten carbide wedding rings are not made from pure tungsten. Pure tungsten in its natural form is an ore, and does not polish up to the shine that people love about tungsten carbide rings. Makers of tungsten carbide rings need to combine tungsten ore in a powder form with various binders and sinter it all together at very high temperatures in order to achieve the desired result – a beautiful, polished and nearly indestructible tungsten carbide ring.

A nickel binder is the preferred formulation for tungsten carbide rings, as many other binders can cause your ring to discolor with wear. Many inexpensive rings use one of these lesser binders, and aren't pleasant to wear or look at!


Tungsten rings are only for men.


This couldn't be further from the truth! The same qualities that make tungsten carbide rings so great for men make them great for women as well. The strength and beauty of tungsten carbide matches well to a woman's own strength and beauty.

At Tungsten Pride, we build every ring from your design. Each ring is custom. We have done many his-her wedding sets, as well as custom engagement bands and other rings for ladies. You can view our design gallery or ring builder to get ideas, or call us to discuss the kind of ring you want. We can walk you through options and design you just the ladies' tungsten ring you're looking for.

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