It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a Tungsten Carbide wedding band?

   After much speculation, Superman has confirmed his upcoming nuptials to Lois Lane during a Thursday night press conference. The man of steel was quoted as saying, "We appreciate the support of the city, but ask for our privacy during this exciting time." The long-awaited proposal has the city of Metropolis in a frenzy and the media swarming for leads. The couple has made it clear that the wedding details are shrouded in secrecy, but our reliable sources have revealed and confirmed a few details.

  The man of steel has chosen a tungsten band as his token of unending love. Overheard while speaking with a Tungsten Pride design specialist, Superman was quoted as saying, “I wanted a ring that would be tough enough to wear to work and still be looking good at dinner." The rep then asked why he chose Tungsten Pride for such an honor, his reply, "These folks have been honoring God, Country and family for a long time. I believe that they stand for truth, justice and the American way. That suits me perfectly." 

  What makes a tungsten ring worthy of Superman's loyalty? His ring would be made of the heaviest metal on earth; it would have the highest melting point; and be the hardest metal attainable.  Not only is it equal to a super hero's strength and endurance, but offers quality and beauty in one gorgeous "custom" ring. Tungsten is truly the "super hero" of wedding bands. Bonus, Tungsten Pride guaranteed the crime fighter that his wedding band would not be affected by kryptonite.

  Originally interested in Tungsten Pride's black tungsten, their trade name "Black Ice", the mild mannered Clark Kent, aka Superman, changed his mind to a more traditional finish after learning that Lex Luther was eying that ring up earlier in the week. Tungsten Pride was the first to introduce a black tungsten ring and it was a BIG knockout in the jewelry arena. No wonder it's getting Lex Luther's attention. Tungsten Pride has become the leader and innovator in America with its superior tungsten carbide products. Now that this information is out, Tungsten Pride is being flooded with requests from other super heroes and villains.  Not to be slighted, Spiderman has been checking out Tungsten Pride's website as well. Love is in the air.

  Now that the type of ring has been selected, all eyes are focused on the wedding ceremony.  Sources close to the couple say there will be a small destination wedding accompanied by family, friends and close super heroes. Jimmy Olsen is rumored to be the best man. We will continue to alert you to new details as they surface.

~The Daily Planet~

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