All tungsten rings are not created equal

There are many different ways that tungsten can be processed and turned into jewelry. Buyers of tungsten rings need to know about tungsten formulation to make the right ring choice.

Tungsten Carbide is a pretty amazing material. It is well known for its density and durability, and is used for many industrial applications – as well as for rings. Its rare and unique qualities is what allows it to be the perfect durable, beautiful substitute for gold, platinum and silver in jewelry.

However, there are many different ways that tungsten can be processed and turned into jewelry. Buyers of tungsten carbide rings – whether a men's tungsten carbide rings intended to hold up to tough use, or custom tungsten carbide wedding sets intended to last a lifetime – need to be aware of the different formulations that some jewelry manufacturers use. Some formulations do not offer the durability most tungsten ring buyers want!

Tungsten carbide Rings are not made of pure tungsten ore. Instead, the tungsten ore is mixed with various binders (materials) – such as nickel and sinter – at high temperatures to create a ceramic (tungsten carbide). Not every tungsten ring advertised is tungsten carbide. There are manufacturers making rings out of tungsten alloy, a soft, non-sintered metal that is easier to process and manufacture. These alloys lack the hardness needed to create a highly polished and scratch-resistant surface.

Tungsten carbide formulations are required to create durable jewelry with polish and scratch-resistance. Tungsten carbide requires expensive equipment and diamond tooling to fashion into rings.

It is not enough to make tungsten carbide rings with tungsten carbide, though – manufacturers must use the correct blend of tungsten carbide. Believe it or not, it is possible for a tungsten carbide blend to be too hard, resulting in a ring that can be fragile. With the wrong blend, a tungsten carbide ring will be brittle, and may break or shatter when dropped on hard surfaces.

At Tungsten Pride, we use a nickel binder along with various other proprietary materials. A nickel binder is a common addition in many types of jewelry, including silver rings and gold rings. It's a more expensive option than that used by some other makers of tungsten carbide rings, but we know that it's worth it because it helps us create truly beautiful rings that will stand up to constant wear and use!

The Tungsten Pride Difference

We at Tungsten Pride know a lot about tungsten carbide – we make all of our rings in-house in the United States. We know exactly the composition of our tungsten carbide, and have all the proper equipment to build, finish and test each ring so that it delivers the durability you expect from a custom tungsten carbide ring.

Many other providers' rings are made in overseas facilities, where the seller may lack full control over the manufacturing process or ring materials! Their formulations can vary considerably, and many are also mass manufactured. When you work with Tungsten Pride, you're working with a tungsten ring maker who will use the right materials and the right process to get you the right ring – every time. We don't do anything in bulk. Every ring is custom made when you order it, to your design and requirements, using our proprietary blend of tungsten carbide built for long-lasting beauty.

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